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Friday, May 29, 2020

Do you have any prior schedule about when the subtitles will be ready?

No. It depends on the outside source (the translator), and their speed. The general processing time of an episode is between 24-48 hours. But if there is a problem, delay, interference on the translator’s side, then there will be more delays. 

How long does it really take to translate a 2 hour plus episode?

An amateur translator will take more than 15 hours, while the experienced translators would do it within 8 hours.

If I use the Contact Us page and send an email to you to speed up some subtitles, will that work?

No. The website has its own schedule, and since it is directly related with other factors (translator speed, software processing, merging, subtitle proofing etc.), even I cannot say anything beforehand. Because I only know the exact time of the subtitles arriving when I publish them.

Some of the subtitles are coming from behind, like few weeks or few months. Why don’t you post them on a timely manner? 

There are a lot of series starting and there are always people who want to watch everything. Even the least popular ones.

Instead of starting to subtitle a series right after the 1st episode, I tend to wait to see more episodes, not to end up working for a series which ends after 3-4 episodes. The efforts will die in vain.

Do you have a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page where I can follow updates etc.?

No. The website is the only place to follow updates. 

Why do we have to donate to see the subtitles, why are they not free?

The only ones capable of translating something are the translators, and it is their profession. A teacher is being paid for teaching, and a translator is being paid for translating.

The website is built upon request from many enthusiast. There are website expenses as well, but the majority of the donations are going to the translators.  

Can I get a free run, I won’t tell anybody!

No. It is not fair for the others who donate.

Until when are you going to keep offering subtitles?

As long as the donations keep coming, there will always be funds to forward to the translators.

Can I ask you to subtitle something? 

Yes, as long as they are funded, any media can be translated. You can use the Request Translations menu on the top navigation bar.

The “funded” part here, donations are excluded. If you wish something to be subtitled other than the subtitles listed on the website, there have to be a budget you should offer. 

I can find free subtitles around the web.

Good luck.

Why would I choose/donate you?

I am a certified translator who knows the business best. The quality is guaranteed, because I don’t like cheesy or lousy work. And there is a kind of difficult test before offering the work to a translator. They have to pass that.

You have to understand what you read to find yourself attached into the story-line. 

Why is there only one type of donation? Can I donate more than that which covers more time?

I removed the daily and weekly donations because there are too many websites stealing subtitles. Minimum donation period of time will be 1 month henceforward.

If you want to donate more for a few months of subscription, you can use the Contact Us page. 

If the website is down, what can I do? 

Be patient. There are a lot of factors behind. There could be a problem with the hosting, domain, servers i.e. Sooner or later there’ll be an update on the website.

Why can’t you spend your time only on the website?

I have a job. I’m a father. I’m a husband. I generally spend hours on the website on a daily basis and that is enough frustrating for my wife. Imagine a husband who comes home from work only to spend more hours in front of a PC without caring for his baby or his wife. Yeah, you know what I mean.

So I have to arrange my time accordingly. If this offends you, or you are not satisfied, I am sorry, but I just cannot do anything about it. I am doing my absolute best.

I’ve paid / renewed my donation, but I cannot view the subtitles!

You have to be logged in first.

I have a request/feedback! I have a problem with my donation!

Please use Contact Us page. I get back pretty fast. But that doesn’t mean I always will, so please be patient.